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Solar Panels/Solar Energy

Research the product category: Solar Panels/ Solar Energy

1.    Conduct a store audit by visiting a store to observe/record the following in a table:
    Identify each of the categorys brands, varieties of these brands (e.g. size, flavor, etc.).
    Identify each products parent manufacturer, unit price, and brand imagery (as communicated by the package copy and graphics).
    Identify segments or buckets these products can be divided into (ie dividing the category by product types, price or quality segments, important benefits offered, consumer groups served, and so forth).
    Identify how products are displayed and what role each manufacturer plays within the category (e.g., leaders, challenger, nicher).

2.    Research and write an analysis in which you obtain basic information about the category and its competitors from secondary research sources. This includes information on:
    Category size
    Rate of growth or decline
    Primary competitors and their brands
    Market shares of manufacturers and their brands
    Channels of distribution
    Recent product innovations