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Topic: strategic marketing

Order Description1. i need only the industry overview at that time not the company. all the case study must be related to the period of time of the case study (i.e 2013). 100 words are good. 2. PEST analysis in a table sort of points or short sentences. 3. porter's five forces should be only [...]

Topic: Learning Activity

Order DescriptionDiscuss how and why your knowledge of organisational culture is important to your role as a human service worker. Consider some of the organisational challenges that may occur for practitioners. Your original piece of work should be between 300 words (no dot point discussions). Ensure you cite the sources of your information.

Topic: Never Lost

Order DescriptionMY PART OF THE PROJECT IS 1. Brand communication/promotion strategy a. Proposed Promotional strategy for the brand b. Purpose for the use of chosen media channels What needs to be done is the following in 4 pages decide all the major ways that the product would be advertised and WHY we chose to advertise [...]

Order Description

Evaluation Essay Write a paper evaluating an essay in your Everything's An Argument text in the style of essay called an evaluation. Chapter 10 in your textbook describes how to write this type of essay. For an evaluating essay, you will be evaluating your subject's quality based on a set of criteria that is described [...]

Part IV (CAUSES) From Toms River: A story of Science and Salvation

Read ONLY PART (IV) of the book (Toms River: A story of Science and Salvation ) part IV title is called ( Causes) and follow the following requirements 1/ Write a brief summary of (part IV) of this book. Discuss any major issue related to the mismanagement of hazardous wastes (dumping, discharge, inadequate disclosure to [...]

Topic: English research

Order DescriptionIn this discussion, we explore research interests for Essay 3, the most important essay of our Spring 2016 English 102. With any luck, we can also exchange ideas about possible resources for the additional materials required for the assignment. Begin by describing what has caught your interest, including a possible topic for further inquiry, [...]

Topic: Progress reports, samples, and outlines

Order DescriptionSummary: Write and submit a progress report, sample of your report, and outline. A Progress Report is a self-defining term. Essentially, a progress report tells the reader what the project is, what has been done, and what still needs to be done. In this case, you will be submitting a report with three sections. [...]

Topic: Method of reading

Order DescriptionAssessment Checklist: ( i will upload topic file in my account) You should: 1) Choose one of the two topics listed below. 2) Engage with relevant themes and ideas from the lectures and tutorial discussions. 3) Cite your sources by employing either Harvard, MLA, or Chicago documentation style. Additional research, beyond the relevant chapters [...]

Topic: Lies My Teacher Told ME

Order DescriptionRead Chapter 12 and 13 from "Lies my Teacher Told Me" online text and write an essay describing your thoughts about how history is taught and the rep ructions. CITE WITHIN THE TEXT USE THIS SOURCE ONLY https://ipad-ebooks-online.com/150/OEBPS/part1.html